• Guest Expert

    The Neuroscience of Trust

    March 23 | 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm EST

    Guest Expert: Dr. Rumeet Billan. Trust is in a state of crisis, and earning trust has never been more imperative for people leaders. Trust helps to solve problems of risk, and is needed for collaboration and innovation. Embracing risk during this time can be challenging, especially when there is greater exposure to uncertainty with potential loss that truly matters. As leaders, creating vulnerability loops can aid in earning trust among those we interact with, and those we lead. Resilience and trust go hand in hand, and resilience is a powerful skill that can be developed. It is the ability to bounce back from obstacles and setbacks to achieve higher levels of performance. It requires developing positive adaptation processes to help overcome the challenges that we face, and the use of positive experiences to build confidence in our strengths and abilities. It also involves interventions that support and develop self-trust, objective reasoning, perseverance and possibility thinking. Research shows that these capabilities can be learned, and that trust can be earned. This webinar focuses on how we can develop strategies to build our resilience by examining the capabilities of psychological capital, and will examine tools and strategies to manage and lead for trust.
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  • HUB Orientation

    March HUB Orientation

    March 23 | 10:00 am - 11:00 am EST

    New to HUB or need a boost? Join us for our online orientation webinar, where you’ll learn the fundamentals of accessing the HUB platform.
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