Practicing Radical Self Expression as a Path to Liberation

May 18 | 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm EST

Guest Expert: Negin Sairafi

Radical self expression is the practice of unapologetically expressing one’s identity, culture,  experiences, personality, spirit, emotions and thoughts, not limited to a specific medium, person, field or artform. Radical self expression is also a process of deconstructing and unraveling the ‘self’, understanding the mind, body and spirit connection, as well as how ‘self’ is interlaced with ancestral, familial, social and cultural layers. This process interrogates, analyzes and examines ‘self’ through expression, as a way to curiously question our relationship to ourselves, people, places, things, the planet and the cosmos. Practicing radical self expression as a path to liberation explores the relationship between being alive and feeling alive.

Negin Sairafi is a writer, creator, design strategist and spiritual philosopher. For the last decade, she has been creating platforms, building communities and designing programs and experiences to shift people and culture toward love and liberation. She is the former Co-Chair of TEDxToronto, co-founder of Reset (a digital detox retreat) and the founder of V2R (vision to reality), a program for creative leaders who want to build the future. She is currently speaking, teaching and guiding folks 1:1, as well as designing a leadership incubator with Ryerson University.

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