Journey to Self: Unearthing the Process of Personal Transformation

28/10/20211:00pm EDT2 hours
How do we catalyze and create safer spaces for profound personal shifts? In this 2-hour experience, we will demystify the process of transformation, and learn how to guide folks to connect to their intuition, creativity, power and inherent wisdom. Together we will  examine the narratives that shape the ways in which we experience ourselves, each other and the world, and unearth pathways that allow us to discover, claim, define and make sense of our own identities and lived experiences. This session invites you to show up openly and  courageously, in order to expand your own capacity for healing and growth while learning how to be a more compassionate and effective guide for others. 

Negin Sairafi is a multi-disciplinary creator, producer and mentor/educator who has spent over a decade studying the art, science and spirituality of transformation. From transforming personal and intergenerational experiences, to transforming visions from concept to reality, Negin works with individuals, groups and organizations to catalyze, guide and create space for presence, connection, healing, creativity and expression, in service to peace, justice and collective liberation.