Critical Conversations on Anger and Black Young Men

27/10/202012:30pm EDT1 hour
Guest Expert: Dr. Joseph Smith

Join us, for a one hour workshop with Dr Joseph Smith, founder of Generation Chosen which focuses on Mental Health and Emotional
Intelligence within underserved communities. In this session we will explore how structural discrimination impacts cognitive behaviour and influences our emotional realities. We will explore racial trauma, masculinity and imposter syndrome, while building
a holistic understanding of the anger felt by young Black men.

Joseph Smith is a PhD (ABD). His doctorate is interdisciplinary and encompasses key notions amongst the disciplines of philosophy, psychology, religious studies and literature with a focus on the philosophies of self-consciousness within the west and the intellectual background of black consciousness. He is a qualified elementary, secondary and post-secondary educator; co-founder of the non-profit organization Generation Chosen which focuses on Mental health and Emotional intelligence within underserved communities; a project coordinator for the Black Experience Project housed/funded by Environics Research Institute; co-creator/co-facilitator of the Rooted and Rising environmental activism program; a facilitator and consultant with Morneau Shepell in the areas of anti-Black racism and emotional health within the private sector; and sits on the board of Operation Black Vote Canada as the Director of Youth Outreach.