Be a Transformational Facilitator

February 17 | 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm EST

3 keys to decolonize your practice, build relationships and liberate the potential for growth and change

Facilitating is more than just sharing information. It is a fundamental practice of leadership that invites people into making a change and possibly even transforming their work, relationships and lives.

Existing and emerging facilitators, educators and hosts of conversations are invited to join this experiential online webinar where you will discover how to:

· Decolonize your practice: shift from training to facilitating so you develop your presence.
· Stand for Partnership: distinguish ‘power over’, ‘power with’ and ‘power within’ so you can build relationship and trust with participants.
· Co-create the container: lean into “resistance” in a way that strengthens trust, safety and respect so participants can generate new growth and learning

Cathryn LeCorre, PCC, MEd

As an experienced leadership, team coach and leadership development consultant, with almost 20 years of internal experience growing coaching and leadership cultures, Cathryn works with leaders, teams and organizations to move from stuck to unstuck so they can co-create change. She facilitates collaborative leadership practice by fostering shared partnership, leaning into uncertainty, adapting in action and engaging their networks so they can co-create thriving work environments and achieve their shared purpose.

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